Ending 2021: What I learnt from learning archery with my daughter 🏹

Learning archery
Archery lessons with my daughter. I learnt a lot more than just how to shoot an arrow.

Before my daughter’s Primary School Leaving Examinations, we spoke about what she would do in the break before secondary school.

She wanted to spend most of her time relaxing (rightly so). I knew she would read a lot…

Digitalisation is NOT expensive and is well within the reach of Small & Medium Businesses. This is how to start it for your organisation.

The best time to start digitalising was yesterday. The next best time is now | Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Lest some may think we can quickly revert to our pre-COVID lives, the virus’ mutations and continued spread suggest it will be with us for some…

The English Premier League (“EPL”) is the world’s most-watched professional football league. Manchester United and Liverpool have traditionally been the most well-followed EPL clubs, while younger/more recent fans may support Chelsea and Manchester City, whose billionaire-owners’ bankrolled spending had bought them relative success.

I support none of these clubs.


There can be no compromise when it comes to safety training. Here’s how we make WSH training effective. PowerPoints optional.

In industries like construction, manufacturing etc. — there’s real risk or injury or death if proper safety procedures aren’t followed. How is your company conducting WSH training? | Photo by Yancy Min on Unsplash

When the average person’s attention span is supposedly under 10 seconds (less than a goldfish’s), no-one realistically believes we can pay full attention throughout a 2-hour lecture. …

I wonder what LKY would have said about my point to promote manufacturing in Singapore, if our meeting had been today.

#ThankyouLKY | Pic: Me

Six years ago today on 23 Mar 2015, Singapore lost her founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. A day of sadness for many Singaporeans.

More than 1.5 million people paid their respects to Mr Lee, mourning the passing of the man who brought a country with no natural resources from…

James Chia

Husband. Father. Son. Brother. Singaporean. Edtech Co-Founder (https://arclab.io). Mentor. Formerly Public Service & Financial Markets. Tottenham fan since ‘94

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